Free Your Mind, Free The Air


Virtual 5K Run


This is a 5-kilometer run (3.2 miles) that is hosted by Placer County Youth Commission.


This is a virtual run, so the run can be completed anywhere, whether it's in your community or on your treadmill. The run can be completed in multiple intervals if needed.


The run can be completed from May 15 through May 25, 2021


The mission of our run is to promote a healthy body and a healthy mind. Nicotine addiction traps the brain and increases mental health issues. Running & walking are great coping skills to help reduce stress and combat nicotine cravings. Plus, it frees the air of secondhand vape & smoke. We hope you can join us in this virtual 5K run to reduce nicotine use and increase mental health awareness.


Thank you to everyone that signed-up and participated in the Free Your Mind, Free The Air Virtual 5K. We hope that this 5K helped you to reduce stress and free the air of vaping. 

Run Playlist

Download our run playlist to help you enjoy and have fun while you run/walk! 

So grab your shoes and headphones and have fun!!