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Placer county

Youth Impact Awards

WHAT:  The Placer County Youth Impact Awards started in Spring of 2015 and was designed as a new platform on which to annually recognize youth for their hard work and contributions to the community.  Winners in each category receive a $200+ scholarship cash award.


WHY:  PCYC feels the community doesn't hear about all great things young people are doing.  While Placer youth volunteer at high rates, young people receive little recognition for all they do.  Youth are leaders, innovators, and dedicated volunteers who are making a difference in their communities, a fact we wish to value and reinforce!  Additionally, as young people, we ourselves are often unaware of the obstacles that our peers have faced and overcome.   By highlighting these stories of strength, we not only celebrate that individual's resilience, we inspire and bring hope to others.  



  • Must be a high school age resident of Placer County.   

  • Applicants choose one of four categories (Leadership, Community Service, Overcoming Adversity, and Applied Knowledge & Talents)- simple application. 

  • Online applications are due on by 11:59pm March 1, 2020.

  • There will be one winner and two honorable mentions per category.

  • A dessert celebration honors the applicants and it is a chance to meet fellow peers making a difference, celebrate your achievements with friends and family, and be inspired by a special keynote speaker. 


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