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2015-2016 Youth Commission Membership


Appointed July 2015 by the Placer County Board of Supervisors

Jason Headington

Jason Headington - District 1

My name is Jason Headington. I am a senior at Woodcreek High School and this is my first year as a commissioner. The word I stand for is perseverance. Sometimes the challenges faced in life seem like they have no end, like a dark tunnel without an exit. In these disheartening situations it is important to have perseverance. To push ahead with nothing but the hope of accomplishment. If every challenge could be met with perseverance, then changing the world would be a daily occurrence.

Kathryn Sobczak

Kathryn Sobczak - District 1

I chose compassion for my stand because I see a need for it all around me. I want my peers to be able to share their struggles without being worried about judgments. I have worked to end the stigma around mental health illnesses at my school and help start the discussion around these illnesses so others feel comfortable to get the help that they need. I believe that by having compassion for those around us, we will create a happier community to live in.​

Katelyn Swanson

Katelyn Swanson - District 1

My name is Katelyn Swanson. I am a senior at Woodcreek High School and this is my first year as a commissioner. The word that I stand for is prosperity. I believe that as the future generation of the world, it is our responsibility to preserve our limited resources in order to ensure another generation of life. The earth has abundant resources but they are not limitless. Resources will eventually run out and human life will have to adapt or it will cease to exist. We must recycle and be resourceful in every way we can in order to have a prosperous future.

James Provins

James Provins - District 1

James is a commissioner for the year of 2015-2016.

Epsa Sharma

Epsa Sharma - District 1

Epsa is a commissioner for the year of 2015-2016.

Ivy Liu

Sahfa Aboudkhil - District 2

Hi everyone! My name is Sahfa, and I am a senior at WSCA. Along with my love of being a commissioner, I enjoy chocolate, dancing (very badly) and all things musical. What I chose for my stand is equality, which I believe is not only an important concept but also an absolute necessity. It is something that I have always felt very strongly about, that all people be able to express themselves and have opportunity to achieve maximum happiness and success. The fact that not all have this security yet is simply not acceptable anymore. Those of us with luck and immense resources should use them to support other people, because there is nothing greater in the world than the shared compassion of humanity. And that is why I take a stand for equality, and will continue taking it throughout my pursuits and career.​

Kaela Dandeneau

Kaela Dandeneau - District 2

I stand for wellbeing, and the wellbeing of everyone. Wellbeing is defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. I believe our community and society can all work together to create a state of wellbeing for everyone.

Henry Low

Henry Low - District 2

My name is Henry Low.  I am the technologies officer of the youth commission.  My personal stand is creativity. Humanity's ability to innovate and think in unconventional ways has changed the course of history more than once. Our ability to think outside the box has led to revolutionary, stunning achievements in every industry from technology to literature.  In addressing society's modern issues, we need to utilize this strength of ours and develop creative solutions to complex problems.  By doing so, society will never stop making progress.

Vivian Chang

Vivian Chang - District 3

My name is Vivian Chang. I am a junior at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, this is my first year as a commissioner. I stand for resilience because it is the undeniable quality people have that allows them to grow stronger from a situation of loss. The road to resilience is a necessary one because the experiences equip you for success by learning how to take responsibility and positive action.


Caitlyn Jordan

Caitlyn Jordan - District 4

My name is Caitlyn Jordan. I am a senior at Oakmont High School, and this is my second year as a commissioner. The word I stand for is dignity. In today’s world, it’s imperative that we extend compassion and respect to one another. It is only when we stand together and speak up for the dignified rights of every person that we can progress forward. 

Ivy Liu

Ivy Liu - District 4

My name is Ivy Liu. I am a senior at Granite Bay High School, and this is my first year as a commissioner. The word I stand for is positivity. I have come to realize that with the right mindset, anything can be accomplished. Having a positive attitude can help achieve goals, pursue happiness, and lead to success. Our attitude is a way of expressing ourselves, and if one conveys a positive attitude, there will be a ripple effect. This is what I believe will make the community a better place.

Tyler Tate

Tyler Tate - District 4

My name is Tyler Tate, and I am a senior at Woodcreek High School. This is my third year on the youth commission, and I am currently president of PCYC. Personally, I take a stand for personal responsibility. Throughout my life, I have repeatedly witnessed that for challenges to be overcome, goals to be achieved, and dreams to be met, personal responsibility must be taken for both your successes and your failures. If all of us take a stand for personal responsibility, then all of us would live a life where opportunities could be seized and our American Dream could be achieved. 

Tyler Tate

Shawn Wang - District 4

My name is Shawn Wang. I am a junior at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy. This is my first year as commissioner. The word I stand for is self-expression. Humans are highly invested in science and technology and progress but artistic expression is an essential piece in life as well. Through art, we distinguish ourselves from everything else we have ever known. It’s cathartic; it’s challenging. Expression in art is the way by which we find what it is to be a human being.

Claire Beckenridge

Claire Beckenridge - District 5

My name is Claire Breckenridge, I am a sophomore at Placer High School, and this is my first year as a commissioner.  The word I stand for is unity.  To grow throughout life, to love throughout life, to succeed throughout life, unity will occur.  Whether individuals are researching to find a cure for an illness or simply working together on the soccer field, unity will conquer.


Carly Cramer

Carly Cramer - District 5

My name is Carly Cramer. I'm a sophmore at Colfax High School, and I stand for happiness. I chose my stand as happiness because I believe that everyone deserves to find their own path to being happy, whatever that may be. Part of the reason I chose to become a member of the youth commission is that I think that the work that we do makes it easier for youth in the community to reach that goal. That's why I stand for happiness.

Brendyn Ikeda

Brendyn Ikeda - District 5

My name is Brendyn Ikeda, and I stand for connections. I believe making good connections with others is essential to ones happiness and success in life. 

"We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects."- Herman Melville

Henia Mackenroth

Henia Mackenroth -

Henia is a commissioner for the year of 2015-2016.

Henia Mackenroth

Katelyn Ziarkowski - 

My name is Kaitlyn Ziarkowski. I am a senior at Placer High School and am currently an ambassador in PCYC involved in creating a Directing Change video. I stand for opportunity because we all have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others if only we are brave enough to try. Sometimes opportunities to make a difference can seem daunting and futile. However, all opportunities are what we make them and I believe that everyone has the responsibility to do their best to make the world a better place.

Henia Mackenroth

Jarod Heng - 

I'm Jarod Heng and I'm a Sophomore at Western Sierra Collegiate Academy. I am an ambassador with the PCYC involved in anything I can do. I stand for infinity because together, we can accomplish anything. I firmly believe that the only limits are the ones that we imagine for ourselves. The sky isn't the limit; the mind is. The concept of infinity as a never-ending quantity is far-reaching and, well, infinite. Whether together or on our own, there is nothing we cannot do.

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