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Youth Impact Awards Winners

2017 YIA Recipients


  • Veda Lelchook
  • Wafeeq Ridhuan -Honorable Mention
  • Patrick Young -Honorable Mention
Community Service
  • Tess Bratkovitch
  • Gillian Flowers -Honorable Mention
  • Rylea Gillis -Honorable Mention
Applied Knowledge
  • Apostolos Delis
  • McKenna Sutterlund -Honorable Mention
  • Ashton Davis -Honorable Mention
Overcoming Adversity
  • Stephanie Lunar
  • Saira Costo -Honorable Mention
  • Radhika Batra -Honorable Mention

2016 YIA Recipients


  • Garret Smith
  • Madison Devine -Honorable Mention
Community Service
  • Neha Joshi
  • Nikita Bhat -Honorable Mention
Applied Knowledge
  • Srinjay Saayan Verma 
  • Julian Haladus-Henke -Honorable Mention
Overcoming Adversity
  • Alize Hartke
  • Aubrey Clement -Honorable Mention


Community Impact:  Group Award 

  • Oakmont High School Viking Visitors
  • Colfax High School Leo Club-Honorable Mention

2015 YIA Recipients

  • Andrew Wood
  • Connor Christensen -Honorable Mention
Community Service
  • Kyle Van Rensselaer
  • Gauruv Virk -Honorable Mention
Applied Knowledge
  • Mason Sage
  • Kevin Marer -Honorable Mention
Overcoming Adversity
  • Owen Weitzel
  • Rachel Mulder -Honorable Mention


Community Impact:  Group Award 

  • ATOU Youth FORCE - A Touch Of Understanding, Community Based Organization
  • STOP (Stop Trafficking Of People) Club at Woodcreek High School -Honorable Mention 
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